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"This is 29 Acacia Road, and this is Eric, a schoolboy who leads and amazing double life..
For when Eric eats a banana, and amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman, ever alert for the call of duty"


Bananaman.......Graeme Garden
Eric............Bill Oddie
Crow............Bill Oddie
Appleman........Tim Brooke-Taylor
Chief O'Reilly..Bill Oddie
Fiona...........Jill Shilling
Narrator........Tim Brooke-Taylor

Bananaman premiered on Nick in 1983, and aired on Nick throughout the 1980s, usually directly following Danger Mouse. The segments were only about five minutes in length, and soon developed a huge cult fan following.

Bananaman was Eric Twinge by day, a skinny, normal (some would say nerdy) school boy. But when Eric ate a banana he became the superhero crime fighter Bananaman, who could fly, or rather, swim through the air. Bananaman was incompetent, but loads of fun to watch, as he bumbled his way to solving crime and capturing vile villans. He wasn't alone. His most notable allies were police chief O'Reilly, Crow, and Appleman. When Bananaman was in need of more strength, Crow (who was literally a crow) would give him another banana, and he would become stronger, much like Popeye and spinach. Bananaman's arch enemies included: General Blight, Auntie, Weatherman, and others. Like any good superhero, he also had a love interest. Bananaman was always trying to impress the lovely reporter Fiona.

Bananaman was British in origin, and was based on the character from the comic book Nutty. The animated series was made from 1983-1984 in England, and was imported to the U.S. by Nickelodeon. Bananaman also had his own Summer Specials in the 1990s. I've been told this show still airs occasionally in Australia.

Reader Billy has informed me that the comic book Nutty merged with another comic Dandy in 1985, and is still being published in England.

Episode Guide

Intergalactic Olympics, The Big Breakout, Ice Station Zero, Banana Kid, The Lost Tribe of the Tapiocas, Web of Evil, Auntie's Back in Town, Mummy's Curse, Final Orbit, A Tank Full of Trouble, Double Trouble, The Last Banana, The Night Patrol, Memory Lane, Harbour of Lose Ships, Night of the Nerks, Battle of the Century, Fog of Fear, The Peril of Ping-Pong, The Great Air Race, Cavern of the Lost, The Crown Jewel Caper, Destination: Danger, Wall of Death, The Tunnel of Terror, Clown Capers, Visibility Zero, The House on Hangman's Hill, The Jaws of Steel, Trouble at Mill


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