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Danger Mouse


"He's the Best
He's the Greatest
He's the Greatest Secret Agent in the World!
He's the Ace - He's Amazing.
He's the Strongest.. He's the Quickest.. He's the Best!"


Show Credits

Danger Mouse: David Jason
Penfold: Terry Scott
Edward Kelsey and Brian Truman did the rest.

Written by Brian Truman and Mike Harding.

Aired on Nick from 1984-1987, and again from 1991-1994


The Greatest Secret Agent in the World

Danger Mouse originated in England, having been created by Cosgrove/Hall Productions Limited in 1981, and debuted in the U.S. on Nickelodeon in 1984. It was about the adventures of Danger Mouse ("The White Wonder"), who was a secret agent, and his assistant Penfold ("The Hopeless Hamster"). They lived in a fake mailbox in London, England near the House of Commons. They received their assignments from Colonel K., who came in over a large television screen in their living room. Their chief enemies where The Baron Silas Greenback ("The Terrible Toad"), who had a pet caterpillar named Nero, and Greenback's henchman Stilletto, who was a crow. Stilletto, in the original episodes that aired in England, had an Italian accent, but Nick viewed it as being politically incorrect, and in the American episodes he has a Cockney accent.

Danger Mouse was, quite possibly, my personal favorite Nick cartoon of all time. It had tons of classic comedy, with witty puns. It also had a hilarious narrator, who often told jokes, made fun of the often ridiculous situations the show's characters found themselves in. He was also very temperamental, and even threatened to walk off his job. Many of the jokes were satirical, and few people under 14 could understand them. DM also launched another show that would find its way to Nick: Count Duckula. All in all, Danger Mouse was one of the funniest cartoons of all time.



All images were taken with permission from Matthew Paulsey's Danger Mouse Web Page


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