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Jake........Ken Angel
Ashley......Laura Harris
Billy.......Ryan Reynolds
Dylan.......Corky Martin
Brooke......Robyn Ross
Janice......Rekah Shaw
Matt........Todd Talbot

Directed by Michael Berry.
Aired on Nick from early 1990 until late 1993.
Ran for 65 episodes.

Nick's Continuing High School Saga

Fifteen was dubbed "Nick's Continuing High School saga," and aired on Sunday afternoons originally, before being aired in reruns on weekday afternoons at 5:30 EST. It was a soap opera for teens, and was Nick's first (and only?) attempt at a soap opera. The basis of the show was the trials and tribulations of our teenage years, and the plots usually dealt with the struggles to fit in, alcohol, relationships, and school.

Since it aired on a kid's network, don't expect it to delve very deeply into the characters lives though. The show was pretty simple, but overly melodramatic. The characters where all pretty much easy to understand. There was Matt, who was the show's resident athlete. He played basketball, and was an alcoholic. Then there was his girlfriend Ashley. She was sweet and charming, bubbling in innocence. Then she got caught cheating on a test and got sent to another school by her parents. Her stay at the other school lasted just long enough for Matt to ask out another girl, then Ashley returned. Eventually she dumped Matt for the evil (in relative terms) Chris. After that she had multiple boyfriends.

Then, of course, who can forget Olaf, the exchange student from Finland. He was a great chess player (he ranked #4 in that country). He was friends with Billy (I think), and Cindy. He only lasted one season and will be remembered most for his now famous quote: "I seem to have dislocated myself."

Billy was Courtney's younger brother. Billy enjoyed hanging out with Dylan, much to his sister's dismay. When their parents split up, Courtney had been something of a guardian to Billy. Inevitably, Courtney falls for Dylan.

Jake never played a huge role. He was always that nice guy who finishes last. Cindy was a minor character at best, and never seen after the first season. I do remember her saying this, however: "This whole school is an ecological disaster area!" Also fodder for season one was Theresa. As dense as she was, she did manage to expose the evil Brooke.

Now we shall delve into the evil that lurked at Hillside High School.

Brooke was pure evil. She seemed intent on breaking up Matt and Ashley. Why? No one seemed to know. She came close but never quite succeeded. In season one she had an understudy named Kelly, who eventually betrayed her and busted her for cheating on a paper. Wonderful. The split didn't help Kelly's fortunes, because she was gone after season one. During season two, Brooke recruited another partner in crime. Well, maybe not recruited. Janice (who got her start in show biz on You Can't Do That On Television. Yaay!) joined her ranks, but she was wholly hated.

Then there was the "cool rebel" Dylan who had a rock band. I don't remember buying any releases from them though. The band broke up approximately 632 times, but always seemed to reform. Billy was even drummer for them once.

Apparently Dylan was so popular a character that Nick thought a clone of him was in order. Thus we had Chris. Like Dylan, Chris never seemed to do anything extremely bad, be just looked like a loser (how's that for stereotypical?).

There were other characters to grace the stage of Fifteen, but these were the main ones. I vaguely recall a girl named Roxanne, but not much else. The show had many cast switches, and plot changes, but it was somewhat successful. And it has a cult following today.

Where they are now....

Reader Josh supplies the following:

"Ryan Reynolds, who played billy, is probably most remembered for his role in "Van Wilder" (title role). Soon he will appear in "Blade: Trinity," I believe as a villain.

Laura Harris, who played ashley, has done a ton of work after Nick. "Suicide Kings", "The Faculty", "X-Files", "24", "The Outer Limits", "Sliders", and "Highlander"(TV) are just a few of the things she has been in."


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