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Hey Dude



"It's a little wild and a little strange...
when you make your home out on the range.
So, start your horse and come along.
'Cause you can't get a ride if you can't hold on.
Singin' yippee kai aie ay. (Yippee kai aie what?)
Like the cowboys say. (Sing it again now.)
Yippee kai aie ay.
'Till the break of day.
(You'd better watch out for those man-eating jackrabbits... And that killer cacti!)
Hey Dude!


Major Characters
David Brisbin.....Mr. Benjamin Ernst
Kelly Brown.......Bradley "Brad" Taylor
David Lascher.....Ted McGriff
Joe Torres........Danny Lightfoot
Christine Taylor..Melody Hanson
Josh Tygiel.......Buddy Ernst (Benjamin Ernst, Jr.)
Debrah Kalman.....Lucy (don't think it ever told her last name)
Jonathan Galkin...Jake Decker
Geoffrey Coy......Kyle Chandler

Minor Characters
Paul R. Secrest...Viv Vleck
Mary F. Glenn.....Valerie Temperance Vleck
Paul Olmer........Lonnie Vleck
Don Wyllie........Karl Vleck

Hey Dude premiered on Nick July 14, 1989, and ran until 1991, 65 episodes.
Continued to air in reruns until January 23, 1999.

The Bar None Dude Ranch


Hey Dude was perhaps the greatest original live-action show ever produced by Nickelodeon. It was set at the Bar None Dude Ranch, which was located near Tucson, Arizona.

The show started out with Mr. Ernst, Buddy Ernst, Melody (sweet, kind, and practical), Ted (egotistical), Danny (Native American, wise), Brad (spoiled, rich girl), and Lucy (an employee on the ranch). In the first episode, Mr. Ernst had just purchased the ranch, and he and Buddy were moving in. Mr. Ernst was a divorced accountant from New Jersey who was apparently having a midlife crisis. He wanted to be a cowboy, but was nerdy and bumbling (but a good person). He was a source of embarrassment for his son.

In the 29th episode ("Datenite") Ted is forced to leave, because he has to go to summer school. The following episode ("New Kid on the Block") Jake Decker, Mr. Ernst strange nephew makes his debut. Kyle Decker (a character much like Ted) debuts in episode 39 ("Stick Around"). Ted returns briefly in episode 47 ("Return of Ted"), and finally he returns for good in episode 51 ("Mr. Moneybags") when summer school is over.

Hey Dude targeted kids, but like most of the shows Nick aired during this time period, it was fun and entertaining for all ages. Some fans might recognize Christine Taylor (Melody) as Marcia in The Brady Bunch movies, or David Lascher (Ted) as Josh on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Other than that, I don't know much what the actors are up too these days. I've been told that Kelly Brown (Brad) is married with a child, and living in upstate New York. The present life of Joe Torres (Danny) remains a mystery.

Clearly this series came to an end prematurely, and it is sorely missed. The reason for its demise was that in 1991 Nickelodeon had just finished building Nickelodeon Studios, in Orlando, Florida, and wanted to keep costs down by filming all their shows there, which was not possible for Hey Dude (set in the Arizona desert). All the actors went home at Christmas not knowing if they would return again (except David Brisbin, who pretty much knew it was over). There was talk of making another season, but it never happened.

Hey Dude continued to air in reruns until January 23, 1999. The last episode shown was No More Mister Nice Guy. I've always wanted to see a reunion done of this show, but I don't know if it will ever happen or not.

The Episodes

Day One at the Bar None, Battle of the Sexes, Goldilocks, Ted's Saddle, The Competition, Rehearsal for Romance, Perfect Father, The Good The Bad & The Obnoxious, Rainmen, Ted & Brad Get Handcuffed, Suspicion, Employee of the Week, Pain in the Neck, Loose Lips, Battle of a Hundred Bucks, Our Little Champion, Bunkmate Battles, Crash Landing, Ghost Stories, Teacher's Pest, Treasure Teens, Dan the Man, Superstar, Bar None Babysitter, Cowboy Ernst, Take Me to Your Leader, Inmates Run the Asylum, Hey Cinderella, Datenite, New Kid on the Block, Sewn at the Hip, Superstition, Dueling Ranches, Ex-Static, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Killer Ernst, Melody's Brother, The Bad Seed, Stick Around, They're Back, Ride, She Said, Magnum Ernst, Dudesbury, Fear, Secret Admirer, Lost in the Desert, Return of Ted, Do the Right Thing, Doghouse Blues, Some Like it Hot, Mr. Moneybags, Murder, He Wrote, Miss Tucson, The Legend of Jed, Incredible Shrinking Ted, Rest in Pieces, Baby, Jealous Guy, Amnesia, Presumed Stupid, Crush, Low Budget Brad, Jake's Fight, Double Date, War


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