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Out of Control



Dave...........Dave Coulier
Diz............Diz McNally
Angela Scoop...Jill Wakewood
Hern Berferd...Marty Schiff
Waldo..........David Stenstrom

Aired on Nick from 1984-1988, and continued in re-runs until about 1990(?).


Control Central

In his pre-Full House and America's Funniest People days, Dave Coulier starred in this comedy show. Out of Control was goofy, silly, punny, and all around hilarious. The cast included the aforementioned Dave Coulier ("Cut..It..Out!"), a loudmouthed, make-up encrusted poster child of the 80s, Diz, who had a secret crush on Dave, and who could let out a scream so shrill it could break glass. There was also dumb blonde reported Angela Scoop, Hern, who had the personality of paint thinner, and finally nerdy inventor Waldo, who invented a "hurry-up machine" that could make arduous tasks (such as going to school and cleaning your room) go by at spectacular speeds. I know I always wanted one of those.

In addition to the characters, this show was packed with short skits and segments. Most notable of these included: "It's Probably True" (with oddball people and things), "Adult Education" ("Where kids are the teachers, and adults are there too learn"), "Great Moments in Inventions" (Hosted by Waldo), and "How Not To Do Things."

Despite it's star-studded cast, Out of Control seems obscure, and almost forgotten today. I have been able to find very little information about it. Even so, I consider it a classic, and hope that it eventually gets the respect it so deeply deserves.

Marty Schiff, who played "Hern" in the series, has supplied me with this info, which I am very greatful for: "Out of Control was the first show produced just for Nick by Nickelodeon in America. We did the pilot episode in November of 1983 and began production of 26 episodes in April of 1984. Shows began airing that May. "

An Interview with Marty Schiff


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