Ghosts & Spirits of Tennessee

We all love a good ghost story. I know I do. On this site, I have taken some of the most interesting ghost stories I have ever heard and placed them online for the world to see. A few are widely known. A few I don't think have ever been formally published before. All of them I believe are fascinating.

Every area probably has interesting stories of the supernatural. The Volunteer State is no exception. The main reason I've been focusing on Tennessee ghostlore is because I live in this state, and thus am able to visit the haunted sites and take pictures with my trusty digital camera. At some point in the future I might expand beyond this state.

I'm not trying to "prove" the existence of ghosts or even persuade you to consider them. I am simply publishing them because I believe they are fascinating. I hope you will agree. I will be adding more in the coming days and weeks. Just click on a link on the bar at the left and enjoy. Please send me feedback, and if you have had any ghostly experiences, let me know.

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