John Sevier Center

The haunting of John Sevier Center is one of the most recent ghost stories to arise in Tennessee. John Sevier Center is located in Johnson City, TN, and is a retirement home for the elderly and those living on fixed incomes. The building it's located in has a history dating back to the 1920s when it was a hotel. Later it was a dance club and even a brothel. In 1978, it began the retirement home it is today.

On December 24, 1989, one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Johnson City took place when a fire broke out. The fire started in the bottom, and smoke quickly rose up where it became trapped in the top floors. Sixteen people died of smoke inhalation. National TV reports showed horrible images of people waving from the top windows, begging to be saved. One of the most disturbing involved an elderly woman who waved out the window, while gasping for fresh air.

Tragedies often lead to ghostly legends, and this one is no exception. Not long after the fire took place, reports of ghosts began to circulate. People could see ghostly figures waving from windows. Residents and staff reported seeing apparitions moving around the halls and rooms, and visitors experienced strange presences in the building. Charles Edwin Price, in his book Haints, Witches and Boogers told of some eyewitness accounts of people sensing the paranormal in the building.

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