The Ghosts of Jonesborough

Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee, and is certainly the most haunted. In fact, Jonesborough has been named one of the most haunted towns in America.

Jonesborough was founded 1780, sixteen years before Tennessee even became a state. It also served as the capital of the ill-fated State of Franklin. During this time, General and future President Andrew Jackson made his home in the town, serving as a tough, no nonsense judge. He was very passionate about his job, and would administer justice to anyone.

Does Jackson still remain in Jonesborough? Some people believe he does. For years, people have reported seeing the apparition of Jackson walking down Main Street. The most unique thing about this is that Jackson is almost always spotted during the day! Also, he is usually spotted walking down the side of the road opposite from where the observer is. Those who are on the same side of the road as him rarely see Jackson, even if they pass within a few feet of him.

One of Jackson's favorite haunts is said to be the area around the Christopher Taylor House. Though the house has been moved from it's original spot, Jackson seems to have found his way to it. In addition to haunting Main Street and this house, "Old Hickory" is also said to haunt "The Hermitage," his home near Nashville, as well as the White House in Washington, D.C. It appears as though the seventh President's ghost is well-traveled.

In addition to Jackson, other ghosts are said to roam Jonesborough, and inhabit houses. Reports of the spirit John Sevier, Governor of the State of Franklin as well as Tennessee's first Governor, has been reported. Other tales include that of a mysterious goblin that lives in the woods near Jonesborough.

Jonesborough's long history has earned it many ghosts. The next time you visit this town, be sure to watch for General Jackson.

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