Nolichucky River

The Nolichucky River that flows through Unicoi County, TN is a haunted river. Many tragic stories of people drowning in the river's hazardous undertows and jutting rocks can be heard all over Unicoi County. There is an area of the river known as the Devil's Looking Glass. The Devil's Looking Glass is a sheer drop off into the river, and the Cherokee believed that evil spirits dwelt in the cracks and crevices of this area. Judging from the amount of tragedy that has occurred and the bizarre incidents that have occurred, one would think they might have a point.

Among the ghostly images seen along the river are various people who have drown or disappeared in the river, screaming banshees, and even Daniel Boone and John Sevier! One of the most well known is the ghost of Flora, a young lady who drowned in the river during the Great Depression, and whose body was never recovered. Locals have claimed to have seen her walking the banks after dark.

Another ghostly take includes an area of the river known as Bumpass Cove. Even if it didn't have ghostly legends, Bumpass Cove would be creepy. The legend says that if you go there after dark you will hear the thumping of hooves and see shadowy figures. These are attributed to a forgotten mining town called Poleville, which existed in the area in the 1800s.

It's a bad idea to swim in the Nolichucky during the day, but it's even worse to swim there after dark!

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