The White Screamer of White Bluff

One of the most well known tales from Middle Tennessee is that of the White Screamer. According to legend, the White Screamer haunts the community of White Bluff in Dickson County, TN. Local lore tells that long ago, there was a man who lived with his family in a valley in White Bluff. For several nights, he kept hearing this horrible loud pitched scream. He finally had enough, and ran and got his gun to permanently shut up whatever was making the noise. He and his dogs left the house to search for the source of the noise.

As he headed out, his dogs ran far ahead of him. Thinking they were going after the screamer, he was happy. A few minutes later, however, they ran back whimpering with their tails between their legs. Undaunted, the man continued his search. Eventually he heard the screams again, except this time it was his wife and children screaming. He rushed back to the house as fast as he could, but was too late. Laying on the floor were the bodies of his wife and children, which had been torn to shreds. Another version of this tale does not include the deaths of his family, but his otherwise unchanged.

It's said that you can still see the foundation of the house where this event took place. The White Screamer is said to be a misty apparition, and after it appears it will leave evidence of it's presence in the form of burnt patches of grass. If you ever hear the screams, be wise... Stay away!

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