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Sightings at Sensabaugh Tunnel

Location: Kingsport, TN

I did visit the tunnel 3 times so far it was pretty scary and a lot of things happened...Me and a couple of my friends walked through it one time and we could hear voices following us. Then when we drove through it we saw Mr. Sensabaugh and the light. We tried to leave the tunnel but our car wouldn't start, and on every time we've been back there has been 5 people standing outside of it. After we left the tunnel that night, we got out and looked at our cars and there was a giant hand print on the back and a baby's hand print on the side it was really scary. I've never seen a handprint that big in my life.

- Ashley, Nov 2002

Carter County's Mysterious Bridges

Location: Carter County, TN

I wrote you a couple weeks ago about the story on the bridge. Since I wrote I did do some research and it was another bridge that no longer exists in that area. It was replaced several years ago. As for the story it is a true story but, it was basically an unsolved murder case in Carter County. There are still parts of the old bridge standing and I will try and get you a picture of the correct bridge. However, the picture you have that is what we call out here "The Steel Bridge" and about maybe 4 or 5 years ago a family, mother, father, 2 small children boy and girl, they ran off the bridge, all were killed except the little boy who was a small toddler at the time, he survived. People that live along the river however claim that a little girl that looks like the one that was killed in that wreck has been seen motioning for them to come help her, trying to lead them to the bridge. The story on that was some of the farmers that live near the bridge were first on sight to try and help, they could only get the little boy out before the rest drowned. You can check with the Elizabethton Public Library, they have record of the wreck if you would like to inquire about it and there was a picture in the obituaries of the little girl to.

- Deana Jenkins, Nov 2002
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Devil in Grassy Cove

Location: Cumberland County, TN

I used to be a member of the cave grotto at UT. I have spent thousands of hours in the caves of Grassy Cove. This is the story of what I was told. A soldier mining in the cave got lost. In the thirties locals found a mummified body laying on a rock at a junction about a mile in the cave. They brought it to the entrance of the cave. Once it was in the light of day the men got spooked and left it there. That night a storm came and, the people in the area feared that they had brought the devil out from the earth. Some of the live stock were starting to become missing, and the crops were starting to die. The people who live close to the entrance of the cave said that they could hear a man scream at night from the area of the cave, and that the body lay up there for about 3 months. They said a local black farmer suggested they have a funeral for the man and it will stop. Three men went up to get the body and it had started to decay, so they brought back a coffin and took him to the local church. A funeral was held and he was burred in the cemetery in an unmarked grave. Well, that is the story as it was told to me, but I'm not sure of how accurate it is.

I know the exact spot in the cave where the body was found unfortunately, And have passed it too many times to count. The weird thing is that rock is always wet but every thing around it is bone dry.

- Kevin Heidel, Nov 2002

The Mystery of the Bleeding Mausoleum

Location: Cleveland, TN

I went to Lee College for a semester (never went to class), and my friend and I hung out [at the Mausoleum in Cleveland] the time. I didn't really know about it being haunted, but we never saw anything, and were there almost every night. We used to sit in back of it and talk. Sometimes I'd take flowers. You didn't mention that the roof of the church has her name spelled out in the tiles. And somewhere was mentioned about a statue that was supposed to come over to be in the church, but the boat sank. I don't know if that part is true. We also used to hang out all the time in the big cemetery on the hill. We walked thru there at midnight on Halloween, hoping to see something, but didn't. Maybe nothing bothered us because they were used to us being there.

- Meredith, Dec 2002
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Spirits of the Read House

Location: Chattanooga, TN

There's more to the Read House in Chattanooga than your article tells. I work in the insurance industry and am not given to vain imaginations. Totally unaware of the hotel's history, a business associate of mine stayed over in Chattanooga at the Read House on business. She and another associate were sleeping in room 523. About 4:30 AM my friend was awakened by what she perceived to be a door slamming. As she lay down again and tried to once again go to sleep, she felt the bed on which she was sleeping give way on one side, as if someone very large had sat down on the edge of the bed. It was very dark in the room and she couldn't see anything...but just as she was beginning to think that she was imagining the whole thing, she felt a very large and heavy arm being draped across her shoulders. It was at this point that my friend officially "freaked out." Both ladies dressed and were downstairs luggage in hand to check out and decided to eat at the hotel's restaurant before departing. After they both tried to order Bloody Mary's at 6 AM their waitress asked if anything was wrong. Responding only that they had "had an unexpected encounter very early and were a bit shaken by the whole ordeal" their waitress replied, "Which room did you stay in?" When they responded, "Room 523." The waitress furrowed her brow and said, "That's's usually room 311...but with all the reconstruction going on over there it's probably got'em on the move again." When questioned the waitress confessed that the hotel was indeed home to several resident ghosts. Most often reported is a woman who enters room 311 and wakes the residents with an early morning shower. Upon entering the bathroom a woman's outline is seen throughout the shower curtain and then disappears. Other specters include a Confederate soldier who paces back and forth on the mezzanine and a woman dressed in period dress (circa. 1880) who walks the halls of the fourth floor. The lady to whom this happened I have known for many years and never have I heard her prone to exaggeration or "fanciful tales." The other lady that stayed with my friend corroborates the story.

- Teressa, Dec 2002
(Originally published on the Message Board.)

Mathes Hall Mystery

Location: Johnson City, TN

One night, I was in Mathes Hall late at night. My friend had forgotten something, and saw me and three friends standing outside, and asked us to hang around until he got back. This was on a Saturday night after a football game, so it was pretty late. As you go in Mathes Hall to the right there is a men's restroom and a janitor's closet. I went in to go to the restroom, and I heard a commotion in the closet. I came out, checked the closet, and nothing appeared to have been messed with. I mean, this was like a ruckus, like someone had fallen in the thing or something. So I figured my friends were playing a joke on me, and asked them about it. We all walked back in, and were standing right beside the closet, and heard the same noise. When I opened it, nothing was out of place, so we left.

- Mike, Jan 2003

The Smoky Spirit of Statesville

Location: Watertown and Statesville, TN

At the house my late grandfather used to live in Statesville [Watertown], there is a guy living there we still talk to occasionally. My grandfather used to sneak and smoke cigarettes because he wasn't supposed to smoke. The man living there doesn't smoke, but swears he will sometimes smell cigarette smoke and the ceiling fan will mysteriously come on. Maybe my grandfather never left?

- Allison, Jan 2003

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