Fort Southwest Point

Fort Southwest Point is located in Kingston, TN, a town that holds the distinction of having once served as the capital of Tennessee, if only for a day. Under an agreement negotiated with the Indians, the land comprising much of East Tennessee was given to the settlers on one condition: That Kingston be capital of the new state of Tennessee. The settlers agreed, and the State Legislature met in Kingston only once. Thus Kingston served as the capital of Tennessee for one day.

Fort Southwest Point was first used in 1792 as a stop on the way to Nashville. It also served as an attempt to stop hostilities with the area Indians.

Today, Fort Southwest Point is the only fort in Tennessee to be rebuilt on its original foundation. It's a historical treasure for the people of Tennessee, and anyone interested in the history of the Volunteer State should certainly pay it a visit.

In addition to being of historical relevance, Fort Southwest Point may boast a ghost or two. Occasionally, visitors to the fort feel an unseen presence, or hear the whispers of the past. Sometimes, gunshots are heard in the background, though these could be area hunters. Given the fort's history, perhaps some of the troops stationed here have returned to haunt the fort, or perhaps the ghosts of early settlers have returned. Either way, keep your eyes and ears open if you do visit this site. You may get a much better look into the past than you expected!




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